Is it Possible to add Reference Planes to a Family Type in the Project

I have a Revit project file with a linked Architectural model in it. I need to add a product around the windows from the linked model, 3" from all ends of the window. Id like to place my product on the reference planes.

Is it possible to add the reference planes with a Dynamo script?


ya it is. Just curious, I don’t see the point of doing it. You want to create family instances to places relative to linked windows. u just get the list of linked windows first, compute some locations and place the families, ByPoint / ByFace. why reference planes? Having many reference planes floating everywhere might not be good idea, just my feeling.

Hi jshial - thanks for the reply. The only reason I wanted to place reference planes is because the widow lengths vary, so my plan was to place instances of my family, then align to the reference planes that are 3" offset from the window edges.

I am new to Dynamo, so the process is still new to me.

Some thoughts:

  • Look through the Introduction To Dynamo Especially section 5 and 6.

  • Retrieve windows from Linked Project (Link Document). (Packages available I think)

  • Retrieve geomtry from windows.

  • Retrive topmost curve from windows’ geometry.

  • Offset curves for 3’’

  • Place families base on the curves.

Or perhaps:

  • Manipulate insertion points by utilizing parameter values on windows to place families.

I think there’re great packages for fetching linked windows so don’t miss out. (And there might be packages that can place families relative to other elements, many interesting stuff)

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I am going to finish reading the dynamo primer and watch some Lynda videos, and work on this script this week. Thanks for the suggestions!