Invalid associative factor

The error Im getting is invalid associative factor. Anyone know what Im doing wrong?

this one works fine, dont know why the other doesnt work

@technitutors ,

the syntex is different:

x = "A"  #it is variable

x == "A" #it is an operator (compare)
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So would it be an operator or a variable? I would think variable but when I do that it gives an error. Problem is now its skipping all the way to the end which is not right

@technitutors ,

check out this in the .pdf

Hi @technitutors ,

You are getting the ElementType as an object, not its name or a parameter-value of some kind, that’s why it’s “skipping” to the end, simply all comparisons are false.

So what is the correct syntax for it? Can you give an example of how to use get parameter

I don’t know what exactly you are trying to do, but I would suggest getting the Family/FamilyType name as input depending on your needs.

Im trying to derive the type rebar for a certain element, and based on which one it is to give the number as you see as an output

I dont know if thats really the case, because Ive done the same to get the bar length and it works


So in the case of the type I am calling a string. What is the difference? @Draxl_Andreas I tried that but now as you see theres another issue at hand here

technically both of you are correct. I cannot call type so I called bar diameter and you cannot have x=Á.