Intersection of lines that don't intersect

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time trying to find a way to determine the points where some lines (3) intersect with the lines that form a square. Any hints ?


Hi @d.kelfkens

Could you please post your end result screenshot. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Kulkul

I need to find the coordinates of the red cirkels
Is there a node for this? Or do I have to create a pyhton script to find these point ?

By the way, i need to find these points to be able to lengthen these lines to the lines of the square.

Try this. it was a fun problem

I know there is a better way to manage the lists than flatten and put back in but thats all i had time form. hope this helps

lol, thx :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help !
I’m going to try your solution.
I started writing a python node for this. But if your way works that will be the best.

I cannot write code so I do my best with nodes. :wink:
I think this should do what you want.

Hi @Steven_Hansen,

Your solution works well but only if the lines are drawn from left to right.
My lines are drawn random (right to left / left to right) and I need all the intersection points with the square.
You think you can solve that too ?

Do you mean both ends to project?

Yes, both ends of the line have an intersection with the nearest line of the square

ok ya thats not a problem at all. give me a minute

Just join the revers vector and end point.

quick modification.
I think you want to draw lines from the edge like so in image below. I change how the lists were structured so this can be done easier.

The start lines are in red

This what I was looking for !
Thanks !!!

Thanks Glad I could help.

Hi Steven,
I hope you can have a quick look at what I (you) made.
Things still aren’t working the way they supposed to.
Is there something I’m doing wrong ?

Change the lacing on Point.projection to longest. I think that should do it. Every thing else looked good

That was it !
Thanks again.