INT does not contain a definition for "Key"

What kind of error in Python is this?
I am trying to make a dictionary with a Python node and
INT does not contain a definition for “Key” pops up.

I am feeding the integer as a key for a value.
I tried to make it as string but an analog error pops up,
‘string’ does not contain a definition for ‘Key’

The overall goal definition is to draw AREA lines from Room boundaries, and I would like to select room boundaries that are not overlapping each others, therefore the Dictionary.

Hi @rinaldi.enrico_nhs,

Please look at line 26 , you defined the variable Res as a dictionary but in line 38 you are using it as list. Please change line 26 to Res = [] and line 38 as Res.append(temp). I think the error will go away.

Also, in python you dont have to place semi colon in a declaration.


Yes thanks I solved, not need a dictionary.

try this:

maybe it will help?