Insert Prefix on Filtered Sheet Number, "Element.SetParameterByName"

I am trying to insert a number “2” as a prefix of a group of sheet numbers filtered by “Sheet Classification” of “PHASE-2”. The dry run result seems fine on Dynamo. The number “2” is inserted on the filtered group of sheets. However, once I connect the “Element” from “All Element of Category” to “Element Set Parameter By Name”. The prefix “2” was added to the different sheets on Revit. I suspect it is an index problem . . .

Insert Prefix on Filered Sheet Number, “Element.SetParameterByName”

You have to ensure that the Elements from the All Element of Category is passing through the same boolean filter process before you connect it to the Set Parameter node or else it will try and apply it to the elements in sequential order. That is why you are getting incorrect results.

Just duplicate the List.FilterbyBoolMask node and connect up the Elements output from the All Elements of Category to the list and then connect the IN to the final Set Parameter node and it should work.

Here, MyVit package

Thank you Scott_Crichton! I did what you suggested and simplified the nodes. It does updated and added a “2” prefix on the sheets numbers that only within PHASE-2. However, it is interesting that the node only some sheets (56/90) but not the entire 90 sheets under Watch list. If I run the nodes again, it will add another prefix “2” in some of the 56 sheets (36/52). I will keep trying to debugging it.

Thanks Jean. It seems like the package will simplify the prefix process. For some reasons, I can’t uninstall “Clockwork for Dynamo 0.9x” in order to install “MyVit”. Will keep trying.

Hi @Joe_Lee1

Another possible way to uninstall pacakge is to delete custom package from your C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\Dynamo Version\packages\