Importing Text into Parameters


I am importing data from a .txt file and having trouble with the file encoding (®).








The code to drive is is as follows:





The content is encoded properly is I manually copy/clip the content into the parameter field.



You are probably using Dynamo 0.7.something - there were some encoding issues that later got fixed at some point. Try the 0.8 release candidate and see if the problem persists.

Hi Andreas

Issue happens using 0.8 candidate ( running on Revit 2015. [20150303_0715(x64)].

It does not seem to read the .txt files as ASCII. in the same way as Notepad++ does. Copy/clip from Notepad++ works fine but the process becomes very manual.




In that case, please post a bug on GitHub:


Hi all.

I have a similar issue:

When writting to a text file it is always encoded as UTF-8, and I need it to be ASCII.

I can manually open the file and “save as” using another encoding format, such as ASCII, so my problem is gone, but it could be great if I can choose in within Dynamo or Design Script the way I want to encode the text file.

Help would be much appreciated.