Import excel data to sheet set manager

Hi there,

Does anyone know, is that possible to import excel data to sheet set manager in civil 3d?

I have some data in the excel file, and want to import them to Sheet Set Manager in Civil 3D shown as attached screen capture.

I want to fill the sheet titles from excel to the sheet titles in Sheet Set Manager in Civil 3D.

Thanks inadvance.

You should be able to do this with the Sheet Set Manager package that @AdammReilly put together.



This is very doable, if you haven’t already figured it out I have some examples from a project I did recently. The extract dyn file will write an excel file from the sheets and custom properties. The import file will take the same excel file and write it back in to the sheet set.
Word of warning, large sheet sets can take some time to process the import, depending on the amount of data your pushing.

Extract_Sheet_Data_to_Excel.dyn (49.4 KB)
Import_Excel_to_SSM.dyn (153.3 KB)

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