IF value not working

Hello, so i have been trying to script if the original value is larger than 0.495 then it takes the value 0.495, but if smaller than 0.495 then it takes the original value for a revit panel on facade.

When I have set up the value > 0.495 code block it has worked stating the correct values as true or false with the same amount of items as original list.

However when i connect to the IF node, using the
value > 0.495 to ‘test’
0.495 number block to true
original list to false

it has created a list of lots of items and where it has recognised it to be true previously and so these items should now be showing at 0.495, it is showing the original number. Does anyone know what is going wrong here and could help please?


We would need to see exactly what you have setup, but you’re correct that the list lengths do make a difference. The IF node is setup to expect equal list structures for all of its inputs. Using DesignScript would be a better option for the condition you stated.

value > 0.495 ? 0.495 : value;