If logic code bloc or python scrips

Please any one can help me to create these logics using code bloc or Python Script because i have more than 10 of this kind of logic and i think with nodes it would be more complicated
Thank you for your Help

Refine your logic first. Currently its contradictory. If you’re not familiar with boolean logic, then write each line in plain English so we can understand what you are trying to do.

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Hi again,
I have a list that contains different angles. each range between two angles value will define a specific orientation (North, West…east… north-east …etc…) for example 0 <=angle<= 22.5 will define North orientation and vice versa. thus i want to create a logic that can see the values in the input list in what angle range they fit to guess the orientation (output)

  • if ‘a’ is equal to 0 or 360 then output ‘North’
  • if a is between 67.5 and 112.5 output is ‘West’ & vice versa

Sorry i’m architect

Check this posts here:

That will get you started. I can give you the answer, but then you’ll learn nothing! There’s also a neat solution to your problem that doesn’t even need conditional statements…you can solve it using applied mathematics and computational thinking.

Also, the best way to get the most out of this community is to try yourself first and post when you get stuck.



Thank you very much @Vikram_Subbaiah, actually i already fake it till i found a solution, but yours also is very helpful, Now you taught me how to combine many function with their output in one code!!
BIG Thanks from Architects :smile:

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