How would one use All Elements In Active View and then isolate Walls?

I feel like this is a List.Map or List.Filter, but I just don’t understand them well enough to make it work. I get errors saying I am passing the wrong type of data.


Thanks Peter!

Can someone please upload bigger picture ? :slight_smile: it is not visible

We now have a better node for this in 2021, ‘all elements of category in view’ i think it’s called (might be in view of category).

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here are the results.

I want to select just the walls facing the view. The elevation is made up of small walls, depending upon the room behind. Maximum there would be 20-30 pieces in this elevation. Even if i add the wall pieces of sides, it shouldnt exceed 100. But I get 900 walls, I guess this component is calculating all the walls in this house.

Hello @hassan.orion …another way could be these nodes here from clockwork…

hey, i tried these nodes, this time with windows, i am still getting all windwos of projects, instead of windows limited to the view. Can anyone guide me what am i doing wrong ? i need to select elements that are only visible in my current view.