How to translate a coordinate system according to its axis instead of WCS axis?


I created a local coordinate system of some framing and now I want to move this coordinate system a certain distance along its X-axis, not along WCS X-axis.

Is this possible?

Try to get the vector of the X axis, and use a coordinate system translate node.

Hi @RuiBarreiros


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Many thanks @Kulkul

However, I’m not sure that your workflow can help me in my particular problem.

I want to achieve the following:

In the picture I created a coordinate system (ByOriginVectors).

Now I want to be able to move that coordinate system 5 units in the Y Axis of that coordinate system, which should translate the coordinate system to the right. The thing is that when I use the Translate node, the direction is defined according to WCS, which makes the coordinate system go up.

Is there a node that can transform one coordinate system to another?

Try using the Y axis of the coordinate system instead of the world Y axis.

Like this?

I could do that, but I thought there had to be a better way to do this, in a more generic and elegant fashion.

That’s the one I had in mind.

Creating it in the translated location initially may help.

Or you could call stuff in-line instead of as individual nodes.

Thanks @JacobSmall !

That solved it!