How to set a label style to COGO point


I am new to world of Dynamo and work on small project to make my job easier.

Short intro: I have a cable line and I have to create in each change of direction “breaking point” and write xyz to file.

Everything works exactly how I wanted except SetLabelStyle. Set style works perfectly and I thought label style should be same but it isnt. (style names in String nodes exists)

I cant upload whole script because I am new user so at least part of it?

Thanks a lot for help and to Civil3DToolkit creators :slight_smile:

Hi @tmsrhk,

Does the node give any warnings? What is the output?

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If I recall, there isn’t any warnings, I think it just didn’t work before until Civil3DToolkit version 1.1.28; check to make sure you are up-to-date.


Of course that is the solution.

Thank you a lot!!!

Both of you @mzjensen @KirkWM your posts here in the forum helped me a lot with learning Dynamo :slight_smile: