How to select multiple Levels and view with separate categories

Hi All, Wasn’t sure what to call this topic but i can explain what i am trying to do. So far i have been able to create 3D views of each floor level by level, each view has a specific name and what elements i want to view is just that view. I have created a script that selects multiple elements in the model by view. So my question is do i have to use the the same script every time to isolate the category with the assigned view or is there another way of going about doing this, As i have over 50 views created and to this is on multiple buildings and multiple disciplines is very time consuming.

Please see attached images

Dynamo Levels created

I would suggest making a view template for each type of category that you have per view if it’s something that is consistent. So a view template for showing just doors, or floors or whatever you need and then have a script outside or build it into your scrip that applies the view templates to the views.


Thanks very much for your message, what you are suggesting was an option i have already considered and tested. The reasoning for this script is so that i can pass it onto the other disciplines so they can load it into there projects so it cuts down on them making and creating the views and so on.

Would it be possible do you know to get dynamo to do what i am suggestion as my topic.

Hi cmcloughlin8DVXP,

It might make sense to have an excel file with all your input (categories and levels), which can be imported into dynamo. Now you have a list of all of your categories and levels which you can use as input when creating the views. To accommodate for the different disciplines, you could have multiple sheets in the excel file where each discipline can populate their relevant information.

Hope it helps.

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