How to scan spreadsheet get Intersecting cell

Hi All,

I have a radiator datasheet, I need to select the capacity from looking into its type and length.


Progress as of now:

How do I get the intersecting cell?

for eg:

Hi Arun,

Try this:
If you would like to use a number rather than strings check to see that both types are matching (Use the node Object.Type)

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Using numbers rather than strings.


@A_lee thanks a lot it worked

I tried using numbers instead of string for the size

Can you explain why we cant use strings instead ? Iā€™m unable to search using strings

It is possible to search using either a string or a number but both your data types must be the same (eg. search for a string using a string or search for an integer using an integer, etc.). List.IndexOf requires both to be the same data type to match and locate the element in the list, and will return a -1 if it cannot successfully find any. You can use Object.Type to check the data types as highlighted in the second image.