How to get the elements inside a boundingbox?



Hi @Einar_Raknes ,
that’s really awesome, but can we modify this python node to let it give the elements that intersects with the bounding box not only the elements that are completely inside it?

thank you


Sure, change

filter = BoundingBoxIsInsideFilter(outline)


filter = BoundingBoxIntersectsFilter(outline)


ohh thank you that’s what I want,

any links to get familiar with such functions and python?

How to get text-notes / boundingbox or PointAtSpace

Yes, the complete Revit API documentation is available here:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Great post Einar_Raknes. This is defiantly a nugget of gold I have found, thank you. I am a new Dynamo user and not that familiar with code writing. I have been trying to modify your code to collect the elements within the active model and linked models as well. Unfortunately I am not succeeding. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer in helping me achieve my goal.


Hello, im new user dynamo
Now i got 1 case. I have 1 element get bounding box and 1 element list. I want to find the elements intersection with bounding box.
Example: Bounding box
List Element ( A, B,C)…
===> Find Who element in List Element if it intersection Bounding box.
Sr English so bad


Hello to all,

is there a reason, why “text notes” are not shown up with the python script ?


Start a new topic we can’t have 2 solutions in one topic.




hi thanks to your methord,awesome job

and i wonder if we can “Access Elements Through all Linked File” by Python script

or can you update your code and made it can access the linked elements

many thanks


You could use BimorphNodes for this and adopt the workflow shown below. It also deals with limitations associated with linked elements (explained in the article here if you want to learn more):


i’ll try it later :slight_smile: