How to extract python code from a node


I’m working on a model-checker based on Dynamo, which is supposed to be used by a large amount of coworkers.
My model is using Rhythm and Archi-lab nodes, and I’d like to avoid having to install the packages on every computer.
Is there a way to recreate a node by copying the code into a python node ? Is it available somewhere and free of use?

In advance, thank you for your time.

If your co-workers all have access to a certain part of a network (server) you can place the packages there and everyone can use them. You just need to set the package path for everyone.


It could be a way of solving it, but I was hoping to know if the duplication of a node into a python script was doable.

coping is not neat, that’ s why most of them go zero touch (dll)

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It’s better to place the package on your network, btw if you want to extract the python code behind the nodes you can do that, as long the node is a custom node (like 2 nodes slightly overlapped). Just double click on the node, and you should find the python node.

Code for is open source: If you are going to translate all of the C# code into Python, please make sure to cite the source. Other than that I don’t see an issue.

Ps. What you will miss though, is all of the updates, fixes, new features etc. What you will get is extra work of maintaining this code now. I totally understand why you would want to do that though.