How to extend a line

Hello, I have a question how I could extend the lines until they intersect with the other line as in the image

I think there is a Curve.Extend or PolyCurve.Extend node that you could try. Or you could use Geometry.ClosestPointTo using points along the bottom line and then the top line. That should give you the end points along the top line, then use Line.ByStartPointEndPoint. That would be an alternative approach to offsetting the curves and then extending them.

Thanks for the answer and I tried the first and it did not work for me, I think the second would be the ideal to create the points and then join them with a line, but is there an easy way to create the points?

How can I take it from the dynamo to the model?
some way where the distance is respected on both sides?




@hosneyalaa Thanks for the help, I have a question, how can I do both in the diagonal and in the straight part, always measure 1?

Something like this?

OffsetExample.dwg (539.5 KB)
OffsetExample.dyn (57.2 KB)



@mzjensen You are a genius, thank you very much for the solution.