How to calculate columns volumne in dynamo

hi im new to dynamo but i what to calculate all the columns total volumes in the dynamo what should i do to make it happen?

Hello @ZacY and welcome to the Dynamo forum…think columns had a parameter there give volume…so just get all columns volume parameter and then use math sum…

Here is what i mean :slight_smile:

oh ok thanks for the help,but my shows that
Warning: Math.Sum expects argument type(s) (double), but was called with (string).

Dont think you spell Volume right …

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oh i see sry i didn’t realise, and may i ask what Is there another way to choose volume? Because I lost the selection by using (selecting the model element) before.

yes do it with catagory > all elements of category…another way could be get the elements solid an then calculate the volume…but not so fast oc depends on how many you will calculate…good luck…


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