How to add Hangers and Supports Automatically to all to (Pipes , Ducts and Conduits)

how to add Hangers and Supports Automatically to all (Pipes , Ducts and Conduits)
Distance between Hangers For example 1m



Hi there,

You could start reading some posts:

I’m sure you can find more posts here using the search tools.

Then you could start with a simple script and ask some specific questions.



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The script i wrote works great for pipes and you can change the hanger type

Zachary J. Rodgers

Virtual Design Coordinator Co-op


UI Pipe Hangers.dyn (129.4 KB)
Dynamo Clevis Hanger.rfa (292 KB)
Dyanmo Trapeze Hanger.rfa (336 KB)
Hanger.rfa (328 KB)


I’m sorry she did not work
Please, there is another extension

do you have all the Packages
i just ran it with the family and it work fine


You are right there is an error but how do you solve it please

do you have the package clockwork installed?
install package clockwork

i think it is an old one

and replace the node with Element.Location+

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How do I find Element.Location in

go in dynamo to packages ( in the menu bar) and then search package and search for clockwork package


are those fab parts? revit families.

  1. Parameters
  2. Family
  3. Place family
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search for clockwork
and install the clockwork package

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The error message no longer appears

Thanks for that @ZJRODGERS – quite useful.

Do I work with you? Greg_McDowell

Me? Not necessarily.

I get the sense that you’re pretty new to Dynamo, is that correct? If so, you should know that Dynamo isn’t always plug-in-play. The DYN that was shared is close (assuming you have the correct dependencies installed) but it only works with the Pipes category and only pipes that are dead flat. It can be extended to deal with sloped pipes as well as conduit and duct runs but it’s not exactly straight forward.

Once you get Clockwork installed and it working on flat pipes (over 1" diameter), I’d suggest giving these other changes a go and reporting back with specific questions as to issues.


I am really new
Thanks very much for all who participated in this topic