How to achieve the interaction of these two

hi, I want these two codes to interact, one is a box girder model formed by calling family files purely with code, and the other is an interface written in Wxpython, I want the box girder model to be a function in the interface, so that it can be used The interface calls out the model, but I always fail, I hope you can help me, thank you.
Node2Python.dyn (8.0 KB)
简单桥梁结构4.dyn (13.2 KB)
族1.rfa (640 KB)
Node2Python is the model of the box girder, but it is written in PythonScript, but I use IronPython. The other is the interface code, written by Wxpython called by Cpython.The last one is the Revit family file, which needs to be loaded into the project to display the box girder model.