How do you export a dictionary to excel?



I am trying to export all of our Revit errors into excel, these are taken from a federated model and the best way to keep the relevant information together is thorough a dictionary, unfortunately the dictionary information does not export to Excel. Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

P.S. That passthrough is completely unnecessary I’m not sure why I put it there.



You can turn them into lists through nodes. What is the structure you want in Excel? That is how you would set up the lists.

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There is a Dictionary.Components Node to read a Dictionary, export that data to excel.

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That’s what I ended up having to do, it’s unfortunate that there isn’t really a way to directly export dictionaries.


That’s a limit of excel - it doesn’t understand the language of dictionaries any better than I understand French.

In my situation, we can use Google translate or similar service.

In Excel’s situation, we can use another method of translation, as noted above.