How do I create detail Line Legends in Dynamo and add them to the relevant sheets

Hi , I would like to create legend in Dynamo using detail line and then add them to the relevant sheets. Could some one help me please?

For Example the image shows a legend which was made using detail line. I would like to make this in Dynamo and add them to the relevant sheet. Is that possible or is there a better and much efficient way of doing this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi and welcome!

Is it not easier when you create a legend in revit and copy this one to the sheets you want?

Hi Jw.Vanasselt,

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Your are correct in the fact that you can make the legend and add it into sheets however I want to create a Dynamo project template where the sheets, views, legends are all set in Dynamo script.

After that I would like team members to just implement the script to similar projects and it will automatically create the views, sheets and legend. As a result people would save time and this will promote consistency throughout identical projects.

What do you recommend?

How would you set a project template for similar projects or projects in general?

Hmm, I think this is extremely difficult…
I don’t understand why you want to do it this way. It might be good to think about a standard so that you can save a lot of work.

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Hi @mehnaazkhan17 …probably i misunderstand but you can do everything you mention in Dynamo but i would split it up in small dyn graph and use Orchestra for loop these craph…here is an exemple…

Hi Sovitek,

Do you know where I could the graphs from?

Hello @mehnaazkhan17 …Yes if you search here on the forum you will get answer to all your questions :wink:

Here is one example how you can make a legend from filters it could get you started…its almost the same for line legends…You can create component legend as well Genius Loci had a node for that…

For place legend on sheet i would take a look here Place Legends on Multiple Sheets with Template Legend

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