How can i seperate 1, 11 while string replace

I have an issue while I try to string.replace

when string.replace try to replacing for 11, it replace 1,1

how can i seperate 1, 11 while using string replace

I think that’s going to make things more work than necessary, especially if you want the actual points and not just a string.

You could do something like this. Depending on how you need our final output structured and what info you need, you may have to make some modifications.

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thank you for your reply
i’m really sorry that i’m newbe dynamo
I want the points to be the final value.
is there any way to the points come out as final values?

That’s what I have showing in the Watch node. Your list structure made me think you were trying to search for a specific point in each sublist.

If you’re wanting to map a number to a point then you’d want to use a dictionary. However, in your case, the original list is already numbers associated with the point index, so you could just get the point at that index.


Holy…I’M really really thank you for your efforts to solve my case

Until now, I was confused about the difference between code blocks and strings and numbers.

I’M really appreciate for solving my case

I’d like to ask one more last question.

Can I create a line using startpointendpoint with 0 and 1 of that sublist?

Yes, List.Transpose and then take List.FirstItem as StartPoint and List.LastItem as EndPoint

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thank you for reply my case

i solve it! yeah!