How can I get the location of viewport on the sheet?


I want to create a Callout view of each column, double the scale of Call-Out view, and then place it on the sheet.

The problem is, I don’t know how to place a Call-out view with twice the scale in the reference view.

Please help me. I want to get the point that grid intersect of view on sheet.

Hi Chan,

so you want:

  1. Find the Intersections of all the Grids
  2. Create a Callout of this Intersection in a Plan view
  3. Change the Scale of each Callout to Twice the Size
  4. Place it on a position on a Sheet relative to the intersection of the Grids in the Sheet (This is what you posted in another topic I see?)

since you made 2 topics, where in the process above are you now? The picture of the graph is not really visible on my screen, can you share you project + graph?