Help with script dynamo and families from lines

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I have generated a script in which it has been perfectly calculated (it makes a radial distribution of an arc and the distribution of the lines is drawn with the vector from the center and the assigned length). the problem I have is that I have a family generated with a line and it sets it to level 0 (at the assigned level), not to the level and radiation calculated by dynamo.

bulon prueba linea.rfa (360 KB) Automatización cerchas túnel con arco 3 P + bulones.dyn (68.5 KB)

I am not 100% sure I understand your question, but as i understand it:
Try calculating the offset value by taking the insertion point Z value and subtracting the level’s Elevation parameter. Then use SetParameterByName to set the Elevation from Level.
I have had to do this for some scripts to get the correct elevation.

Thank you very much, but I don’t know how to take that value off the list I know I have it since it’s been calculated by dynamo. As you can see in the photo gives the relative value of Z, do not remove it from the list to add it to the value of Element.SetParameterbyname

Is it a facebased family?

not online based

I think i recogize the problem from a facebased family. May you can find a soluction here:

It is with python for me it did not work i need to add a loop and python is not mine first lanluage :smiley:

I don’t know if this is what you’re asking, but this tweak should get you the correct elevations.
The direction cannot be decided by Dynamo with the familycreation node as it is hosted by the level plane.

If this is the result you’re after:

I suggest you try implementing this point based version of your family, which I have edited to be parametrically rotateable in all directions. The updates to the script will handle this rotation, and you can enter Diameter and Length into the nodes in there as well. You have to make the script work with your Excel file again.
bulon prueba point.rfa (524 KB)
Automatización cerchas túnel con arco 3 P + bulones.dyn (308.1 KB)

Hi, I had the same problems some time ago. We had a Line based family for Rock bolts, and I must say that it is a pain working with Line based families. So to solve my problem I created basic Two-Point adaptive generic model for Rock bolts.
It looks something like this:

Since you already have Normal vectors on Arc, it is quite simple to use Two-point families. Since my placement point are located on that vector.

Result looks like this:

This family is also usefull for Wall bolting and rotation in Vertical and Horizontal angle, around Normal vectors, See result below:

im also sharing both of my scripts for Rock bolting:

Arc bolting: ArcBolts.dyn (150.9 KB)
Wall bolting:WallBolts.dyn (97.5 KB)