Hatch/area from closed boundaries composed by multiple polylines

Hi all,
I’m trying to retrieve areas between AutoCAD polylines. My approach is to identify closed boundaries between the polylines and then to hatch those areas and get their area values using Dynamo.

Bellow you can find a print screen of what I’m trying to do. From step 0 to 1, I had to close the end points from both polylines and this step I’ve already accomplished. My question is from step 1 to 2, where I need Dynamo to identify the closed boundaries with multiple polylines to that I can create the hatch. I can’t seem to find a way to solve this, but maybe there is a simple solution that I am not seeing.


I hope this makes sense.

Hi @goncalogbastos,
try this:


Thank you @Drbohlav , that approach solves my problem

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