Group vs. group type

Just wondering. What is the difference between group and group type.

If I want to select only Model Groups (and not the detail groups etc), is it better to use Group Type? Or will I exclude some groups in that way?

(yes I know one can “Element.GetCategory filter by Model Groups”)

Element Type > Alle Elements of Type
Group … a list of 500+ elements
Group Types … alist of 200 elements.

I haven’t tested, but I believe that this is similar to:
“all instances of a family type” and getting 40,000 curtain panels
“all family types of category curtain panel” and getting 2,000 curtain panel types.

ok, to give some findings of my own:

returns all GroupTypes (Detail and Model) regardless of them being placed or not.
(so all the groups listed in your project browser, not all the placed instances of those)

returns all placed instances (aka Groups) of the GroupTypes (Detail and Model).
(not placed grouptypes are ignored and not listed)

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