Group points by xy


I have been trying to Group set of points by x coordiante and also near by points (with tolerance)

I could able to make somthing like this , yet not happy with the results , it still miss some points(groups them seperate)

If anybody has done something similar or any ideas pls share

thank you

Hi @preetesh.magadum ,

The Springs package has a node to group points by distance.

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Could you elaborate what you mean by the current setup missing some points?

You have 7-digit numbers and appear to be rounding to the third digit. The node you are using gives you Floor and Ceiling rounding methods, it looks like you chose to use RoundUp (or Ceiling).

This means that:
001 β†’ 100
050 β†’ 100
099 β†’ 100
101 β†’ 200

Is that what you had in mind?

Hi, Robert

Thank you for your response - Examples which you gave are quite correct.
i want only x points of each point to be rounded so that i have proper groups,

The above points are centroids of Surfaces - i am taking the centroids so that i can pick the elements row by row like in groups

since the points are layed in a grid , not random - i cannot used group by distance
I needs the groups by rows of near by x values

I think you can group by direction with vectors.

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you can create a circle that it’s center in the desired point
the radius is the tolerance
and see what point is intersecting with it and group them

group points something like this

points are center points of each tile

thank you

points needs to be sorted with x values and then grouped , as you see not all rows have center points same , tiles in the edges have center points with x diierence in x values,

i was trying to round them up and then group as per the image shown above ,
My solution above works , yet does not hold good for all conditions

looking for better solution