I want to place a group by point.

I know you can place familyInstance.ByPoint and then get a family using FamilySymbol.ByFamilyNameAndTypeName
I want to do the same for a group…but there arn’t a lot of nodes on groups

Try this from the packages.


Johannes, That works great.

All i need now is how to get the ID of a group, the node elements to ID doesn’t know groups.

I tried adding group.append(item.Id) to the custom node, but that doesn’t work

How do I get the id of a group…



this should work:


Johannes, Thank you for your time.

I see now what i am doing wrong.

I’am using the Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint but the out node is only the GroupName and not the placed groups.

So I have to look if I can adjust the node so that the output is the placed groups…(problem is I know a bit of C# but not Python)



arno, the solution should be very easy for you!

edit the custom node, and remove the Element.Name node from the definition.

from now the output will be the group



Thanks for tour reply.

I just deleted those name node definitions, but then i end up with the ID of the group i started with…not the id of the groups he has placed.


arno, sorry for the inconvenience!

was just a quick shot without checking the code.

actually it is still very easy to adopt!

just add an

outlist =

to the python




and finally

OUT = outlist

that will give you the expected result (tested :wink:

the Element.Name stays removed

for better readability check the pic



That worked great, beginning to understand the way it is code.
Thank you for the effort of trying to learn us dummies dynamo, hope to see you at RTCeur this year

I try to insert group in origin point but i can’t. Can you tell me what i do wrong?group place 2 group place

I am guessing that input for Points has to be a LIST and not a single item.