Group by scopebox list.groupbykey


I’m trying to group my duplicate views by the value of my scopebox.
But the script is still grouping by level.

What do I miss?


Jan Willem

Hi @jw.vanasselt try this:

Forum 3.dyn (37.8 KB)

You need to use the keys from your newly assigned values. Right now your list structures don’t match. Flatten your list of views then get the scope box values from the flattened list.

Thank you for youre reply, right now he is filtering the same way:

I need the filter at the same number like 6 in one list, 7 in one list, 8 in one list, 9 in one list and 10 in one list.

I’ve tryed but the same result

Can you send me a example?

Thanks both of you it’s work!

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