Grid intersection with multi-segment

Morning all,
I’m trying to get grids intersection with multi-segments and arcs. I simply used Geometry.Intersect but Revit is also giving me an intersection at the corner of each segment.
Any idea how to filter them out smartly?
I thought of using X/Y coordinates to rule them out but I’m not sure it’s a great idea

Hi Daniel,

Could you drop screenshot or files so that we can identify your issue. Thanks :slight_smile:

what about using the grid identifier? if the intersection of the elements has the same grid number/letter it gets filtered out

H’ere’s what im looking at right now.
Greg, im filtering points, so thers no more “attachment” to the Grids aymore

Okay! A screenshot clarifies a lot. I would have used SetDifference to remove the start and end points from the list of intersection points. It removes all common elements in the two list.

I like the idea Einar but SetDIfferences returns an integer not a list of Points

Not if both lists only contain points… Did you use the RemoveIfNot filter?

multigridInteresection.dyn (8.6 KB)

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Something is wring because it’s returning 24 items (seems like i have double values if you look at the labels) when i should have 15. I placed Structural Columns to make sure :slight_smile:
BTW i just removed the node and placed it back :slight_smile:

Here’s what i mean

Ok, if i try List.UniqueItems it won’t get rid of the points (which have the EXACT same values) but Point.PruneDuplicates will do

So your problem is solved then?

Yes and Colin will write a post about why this is happening… very interesting explanation :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help