Glitch with Curve point at segment length

I’d decided to re-write some code using maths formula instead of code blocks and I noticed a point was different…

So I looked further and I’ve found a strange glitch.

I have a line from the origin at an angle to the left (the important bit is it starts at the origin).

I’ve gone for Curve.Point at segment length and fed it 3 lengths.

When I did it with a formula I got a different X and Y coordinate (which after checking is correct).

This is what happens with my code blocks!

Look at index 2.

Can you show the geometry and all the nodes in question (with previews pinned) so we can get a better look at this?

Also, can you reproduce it with other, similar scenarios?

I’ve just realised the error…

My line is 40 long…

Segment length can’t go past the endpoint. :crazy_face:

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