Getting parameters from a list of catagories

Dear experts :slight_smile:

I have now attempted to work this problem out myself and looked through the forum without any luck.

My problem is that I have a list of all categories from my Revit model. From that list, I want all elements of the categories. And from that, I want all the classification (custom parameter) parameters of the elements.

Anyone that can help me with this?

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hi Peter :slight_smile:
Try to see this post and the entire post in general.


I have built some graphs for this for the CCS classification, if you plan to do that :slight_smile:

  • with smaller adjustments would BIM7A (SfB) or FK classification also be doable.

I can do classification of type, instance and location id

Here is a solution for your question :slight_smile:
Home.dyn (18.8 KB)

The model used for this, is the “University Building.rvt” that can be found at in the Example Collection (2017 and 2018 versions)