GetParameter of parts element id


I had a parts list, and after did a lot of filters, that the results was only the element id of the parts that i needed, i can’t get what i need.

Hi, It appears like you’re trying to extract information from the Element ID not the element.

At the Start, there are green numbers; those are the elements with information in the list.unique node they are just numbers with no information.

So to solve this you need to use those nodes on the list of elements and it will work.

Hope that helped


Yes, I was trying extract information from the Element ID, because, all that i have now is Element ID.
Isn’t there a way to back to the element from the element id?

I haven’t tried it myself by try referring to Selecting Elements by their ID

Although personally, I would recommend working with the element as it makes it easier to extract information when needed. However, I don’t know the script you’re working so it could be a necessity.