Get Total Count of Objects as an integer

Hello Everyone,

I think this is an easy one but I am struggling.

I have a list of objects (Circles) and I want to get the total count of how many circles I have as an integer so i can export it to a single cell in Excel.

I attached a photo showing my list that has 140 objects. I want to send to excel “140”.

Use ‘List.count’ node

Hey, I tried both SUM and List count. neither are giving me the result I am looking for.

Sum gives a warning that it isn’t getting the correct input and the list count returns a result of just 1. not 140.

Have you tried plugging, “All objects on Layer” straight into list count?

If that doesn’t work, try changing the level on List.count

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Great! All Objects on Layer straight into list count was the answer. thank you for your help

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