Get Global Point from Autodesk.DB.Reference

I am using a cool node from geniusloci package to get the horizontal grids of a curtain wall. The main target would be doing some randoms grids placements and panels. As a external constraint I would not use adaptive panels.

I wrote a pyhton code, too simple probably to get the Global Point from
Autodesk.DB.Reference which is a propriety of the element according to the API
(I am using Revit 2017 for this graph)
Any idea of what I am mistaking there?

First of all, List.Create is unnecessary. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately and I don’t know where it’s coming from.

But anyway…

Your input needs to be a singleton. Your object was already in a list and now List Create has given you a list of a list. The python code is expecting a single object, that’s why it’s telling you List[object] has no attribute. It’s expecting a reference and you’re giving it a list. Replace List Create with FirstItem and you should be good.

thanks for the Reply .
I think I have to call it in another way, since the error changed but it is still an error.

p.s. I think make a list node is an old habit, from the earlier time of Dynamo… it solved issues along the way…

Have you tried e = G.GlobalPoint (without the parentheses)?

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It would be great if anybody had a solution for this!

Hello, first add a variable with an empty list. use a for loop to loop through G and use emp_lst.append(x.GlobalPoint).

Think this will work.