Get finishes of rooms - without doors and windows

Hye everyone,

I’ve found a topic on this forum about finishes of rooms and I’ve changed the macro to have what I need.

The calculation of the surfaces removes the openings directly drawn in the wall but does not remove the surfaces of the doors, even if I draw the family with the bay in void rather than opening.

An idea ?

Thanks in advance



can you post the article you refer to?
can you show us what you have in dynamo?

If you have a wall with doors and windows and a wall that represents the finish, have you tried to join the walls?

Here is my dyn file.

CHNP_GetFinishesOfRoomsToExcel.dyn (80.0 KB)

Hi Chi,

Presumably you have different finishes on your doors and windows to the walls… Can you filter by Material Name after they have been collected?

Hope that’s useful,