Get built in parameter Archilab wrong input

Hello guys,

I am trying to use the Get built in parameter node from archilab but it says the input is incorrect?
Can someone help me out…

This is inside that node:

I updated dynamo and before that this node worked just fine…
I am using the latest version of archilab

This is part of the script:

Try “Sheet.SheetName” node.

I have this giant script that was working in Revit 2018

It seems like dynamo now wants you to give an input like:
Where in 2018 this was allowed:

The reserved keywords are no longer supported in latest Dynamo 2.X versions.
Simply replace the Elements input with elements (lowercase).

Thanks Alban,
Do you happen to know why this was done?

It’s probably to fix a bug. Reserved keywords have a valid ID in designscript syntax.
Inputs can no longer use these IDs now.
A member of the Dynamo developers could better explain.