Generative design

i want to know can i use dyanmo for generative designing ? if yes then how or if not then which program ive to learn for generative designing

@kamalakhtar736 You should look in to T-Splines.

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When you say “generative design” do you mean using search heuristics (like Autodesk Within) or parametric design, because there’s quite a big difference?

From my understanding searching heuristic or coming up with iterations is level of parametric designing, i mean in parametric designing we use variables which define limit of a system and condition of its operation. in generative designing same variables are used but program come up with various result which we can edit. please correct me if I’m wrong

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thanks, will look into this.

The terms have been blurred over the years and used interchangeably to mean the same thing; you’re right that there are some cross-overs (which may be partly to blame) but they represent two very different methodologies.

Here’s one - not necessarily academic - way of defining it:

Parametric design
Known end goal (result is already known), which allows the result to be manipulated directly within a set of predefined constraints (sliders, handles etc)

Generative design
Unknown end goal (unpredictable results), which can be manipulated indirectly within a set of predefined conditions (change environment conditions) - reliant on incremental generational improvements to find a solution, typically in the form of an evolutionary algorithm

Which method are you looking to implement?


Dear @kamalakhtar736
You could Try Optimo, and looking for the research of Acustamo, by Andrea Vannini and
Project Teaser by Nate Hollan (Gh world with Galapagos and Octopus)
I’m agree with @Thomas_Mahon Generative hasn’t a specific goal, it comes an holistic view and a bottom up system. (Not like the Parametric such as Moretti or Musumeci

Try to read Toni Kotnik _Digital Architectural Design as Exploration of Computable Functions, or have a look to some example like: CLIMATE RIBBON
Energy Roof,Perugia by Coop Himmelb(l)a.

Autodesk created Project Akaba, I never tested unfortunatly…let me know if it could be useful to your research


Or better if you want to follow our champion @john_pierson try Project Fractal


i was looking forward to find a way designing which inc-operate both, i mean we give input and constrains to our program and in output it will generate series of options which satisfy our need.

thanks for sharing this.:slight_smile:

It is my pleasure…if you need more help let me know :wink:

actually i’m writing dissertation report on generative designing through bio-mimicry and i’m looking for case studies or research work .if you can help me with that then it will be very helpful.

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Hi @kamalakhtar736 I am also doing dissertation on Generative design, would you help me please.

Yes I’ll help you if I can

How I can contact you? my email id