Fuzzy logic and dictionaries


I see all kinds of user errors where my collegues have entered a value in a parameter that is almost right.
To correct those errors wich are always textual typos i would like to define a list of the correct values and compare and replace these values with use of fuzzy logic or something similar. Can i use a dictionary for this or can u create some kind of container with all correct values and call on this one?
Naming conventions should be in place i know, but most users make typos. With typos my filters wont work correctly.
This would be the equivalent of a key schedule i guess.


This might help:


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Hi, I can recommend using the nodes placed in the FuzzyDyno package.


In above example you could for instance use the Levenshtein distance and return all elements above or below a certain treshold.



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Fantastic !!
Thank you