Formwork area of any element (areas in contact subtract problem)

Hello, I am doing a script to calculate all the areas of elements by orientation, put this value in a project parameter created to after in naviswork i can do quantification with this parameter easily.

I already did almost the entire work but I am having problem because is counting the areas of elements that are in conctact each other, to formworks and others services of quantification this is not ideal.

I have tried substract the surface using geometry intersect and worked sometimes (like in photo) whem i use with few elements but to a bigger project doesnt work. (blue group)

Please someone help to end it and maybe do with less nodes.

formas.dyn (167.8 KB) PACOTES

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After no answer but going on in my work i found not a final way but almost worked 100%. So let me contribute with the comunity. For the surfaces that are in contact I unite all the geometry and intersect with all the surfaces, because when we make an union the geometry looses their surfaces in contact.
So my final code is here for everyone. (remenber to create project parameters “Área lateral” “Área inclinado” “Área superior” and “Área inferior” or with another names to input the calculated area on them. Thanks