Format list based on string

probably the best one. I was working other way around, Doing so I realized this.

I Am not clear of whats happening here…! how are the 2 answers different?
Even in python I use the same operation “*” but gives me 5 “a’s”.

Hope Its ok to post this here instead of a new post


I still don’t understand what is happening here

On the image above have a look at the bottom left and bottom right ,I have just changed the operator fro “*” to “+” and shows an error saying

so If that is the case how did the top right group work??

@saju_autodesk if you are scripting in Python, you need to use Python “rules”.
You cannot make operations with different data type. Convert either to string or integer/double.

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This thread should be split into two as it concerns two widely different issues. :slight_smile: