For Loop to compare list of items against one item - return list of bools

Hey Y’all–

First time posting on the forum here so hope I format this correctly. I am relatively new to Dynamo/DesignScript as well.

Goal: Create a node that will compare each item in a list against one item and return true if the items match and false if they do not match. (I will then put the resulting list of bools into a bool mask to filter original elements)

Issue: Result returns properly when using numbers in the two inputs but returns an empty list when comparing strings.

Neither my test list of strings nor my list of wall parameter values work in my code block.

Any reason not to use the OOTB node List.Contains?

@Benjamin_Doty1 thanks for the quick response. Thought I tried that one late last night but was apparently delirious. Thanks for the help, that will work just fine. However, any ideas as to why the loop script wouldn’t work here as well?