Flatten sublist that contains value false


Hello Mates,

Has anybody done this before ,
I need to flatten the sublist that contains value false , and let the rest of the sublist remain as it is

Thakn you

can you share the expected output?

Hello…do you mean somethinh like this here…

list looks something like this , all sublist with false value should be flattened , but still be part of the list

hope this image makes sense

and ths lists will either be true or false , sublist will not contain both true and false in one sublist

Like this?

my each sublist will either contin true or false , and sublist which has false values i need it to be flattened


Group by boolean.dyn (7.5 KB)

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something like this as output

Hope u got the idea

is it solved :thinking:?

nope , i just gave how the output should look like , its a typed list

each sublist , will either have true or false

if you did not flatten you can have like that…

can u pls change ur input values , first list will have all true , values , second list with false , third with all true
and them u will know what i am saying pls

This brings it closer , will try this, but one more thing , i need , all the false values to be shown ,

ens result should look like below list,

6.false etc…

did not work , trying other ways , thank you

you need like this right?