Finding materials of subelements in In-Place Model


I am trying to find the Material of all the Solids in my In-Place. Is there a way to do this?
Now I only have one list of the materials and one with alle the solids, but there is no link between the two. I can I do that?

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Unfortunately In-Place models or other in-place stuff is not supported by the API which Dynamo is built on.

Ok, thank you for your answer!
What I want as the end result is to calculate the center of gravity while taking the different densities of the materials into consideration. Does what you say here mean that it is not possible to do what I want?

Yes, but you can try to use the Element.Geometry node to extract the solids. The different materials is probably more difficult/not possible.

Thank you!
I actually managed to do it myself now. I used Python to find the geometry objects and then iterated over all the solids to find the faces of the solids. Assuming that a solid only have one material, I then found the material IDs. We then used these IDs to map the material to the right solid.

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I guess Iā€™m too late now :smiley: But just for the sake of clarity did you do something like this:

That looks very similar to what I ended up doing! Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: