Find specific DWG file to link

Hello again:
I’m newbie in dynamo and I’m very enthusiasm learning.
One very kind user help me for link DWG files, works, but i find some issues. I try to fix them.

I need to search for DWG files in directory and then select the one with the name of the selected view on it. For example, find a DWG anyname_plan_1.DWG

And finally, how can change the linked DWG from background to foreground in dynamo?

Thanks again

@Archi_AV , hi

hmmmm … you have to implement current view only for the .dwg to have the option fore/background.



Ok, thanks, I can link the file to the specific view but I want to change from background to foreground befor the file in linked…

hmmmm… @Archi_AV

from timetravel import past_tense #no idea

you have to decide whether you link it 3D or 2D

…Maybe you can match it to your topic