Find all unique items from two lists

hello .
i have a list that contains 5 items.another lists contains 3 items .
how can i make dynamo detect the missing 2 items .

Hi @sabra.tarek ,

Try something like this:

  1. Join both lists, then use a List.GroupByKey node using the items also as the keys, now you have sublists with all the same items.
  2. Then using a List.Count node with list level 2 count all occurances per sublist, if there is only one item in the list, you know it’s unique.
  3. Then using the List.Count output with a simple if statement: x == 1; Now you have true/ false values determined if the item is unique or not.
  4. At last use those bools in a List.FilterByBoolMask on your List.GroupByKey output.

Are you looking for this?
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Hi @sabra.tarek swap the inputs like the example of @Giuseppe_Dotto


Hi @sabra.tarek great but the post has solved by @Giuseppe_Dotto

thanks giuseppe , your solution was correct , i did connect the nodes wrong at first

hello paris , i corrected now the solution to be giuseppes post .thanks

thank you so much @Daan . i tried @Giuseppe_Dotto solution and worked . nevertheless i i will try to use your workflow also and see the results .