Find a Nested Family

Hi, I’m looking for a Nested Family.
There is no error in my nodes, but the result is not what I want.
I want to choose “84 Type” from nested families that in rhythm package results
But current results shows too much information and including other instance numbers.
Does anyone know anything about the nodes I wrote?

Hi @Jongyeon-Bae

Have you tried adding Nested Components to Filter list?

If this doesn’t work could you share your FamilyInstance here.

I’ll have to make some more changes later, but I’ve only found what I want. Thank you

Please One More.
The final value should be 49, but it is only 16 because it is empty.
Can you figure out what’s wrong with Solid in the middle?

Connect List.Flatten items to Filter.BoolMASK List.

I get a material id and I don’t know how to find the corresponding element