Filter unique groups by groupname


I would like to filter my groups by unique items. As you can see I get a list of 76 ‘group’-items and 76 “group”-names. I would like to filter so that I have unique groupnames with the corresponding groups.
Anyone knows how to do this? Thanx


try List unique items:
i didnt have the same node as you, but basicly connect List.UniqueItems in before Element.Name

thanks Schasfoortyoeri, but that won’t do the job because every filtered element of the group is unique (by ID), only the name is sometimes the same. I would like to filter the unique names with the corresponding groups. Any suggestions?

Would you mind sharing a dummy project with 5 groups of which 4 unique or something?

Schasfoortyouri, as you can see the unique items won’t do the job…
I have shared a dummy project. Hope you can make it work.
output should be 3 groupnames (merk A, B, C and D) with their corresponding group.

upload_project.rvt (752 KB)

hmm, which group should be the corresponding group if its placed multiple times?

example: There are 2 groups called A.
Which of the 2 should be the corresponding group? or both?

Have you tried the Element Type ‘Group Type’?

EDIT: This might be a better solution, using List First Item @L2