Filter list by character length

Is there a node where i can filter list by character length. say i have a list of twenty items of varying character length, I want to only get the ones that are 8 characters long.

Use String.Length node

Sorry… but can you describe a little bit? all it does is tell me the length of a string. not sure how to use it for my application.

Can you show pictures of the script, outputs of the nodes, and where you would need the filter? As @Andreas_Dieckmann said, you will probably need the String.Length node but that is all we can tell you without being able to see the actual graph.

Suuuure… its my first time doing something of this scale, so be nice xD lol…

So quick discription, trying to get the list of the floor plans only from an architect file, I’m going to write the information onto an excel file. However as you can see…Arch has way too many floor plans and I only need the main ones, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd, 4th, parking and roof; and down the line the reflected ceiling plans.

So i was struggling to figure out how to further filter out the list to get only the ones i need and figured character length is the way to go, if you guys know anything else thats easier please share…

and thanks
edit : uploaded the wrong file

So the reason the string.length isn’t working is because right now you have a list of elements (not strings). You want the name of those views as the name is a string.

This would be how to compare name lengths (keep in mind that a space counts as a character, so “1st floor” is actually 9 characters):

That whole section could probably be simplified. Would it be easier to compare level names to view names?

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Sweet, Appreciate it, Just leaving the office here, I’ll give it a try when i get home and will let you guys know how it turned out.

Once again thank you :slight_smile: